We Have Reopened Our Centre Safely For All Our Students

Students Achieve Tribute To NHS & Key-workers

It is no secret that the global pandemic has affected pretty much every area of life, from how we work to how we learn and socialise. At Student’s Achieve, the most dramatic change was not being able to have students in our centre; something that we love and missed terribly during the lockdown period. During this time however, we were able to adapt our tutoring service to our online virtual environment. This enabled our students to continue progressing with their individualised learning plans from home via our online learning platform, Achieve at Home.

We are happy to announce that following government advice and Ofsted regulation, we made the decision to reopen our centre in September. In order to achieve this transition smoothly, we have developed an ongoing reopening plan that aims to protect our staff, students and their families.

Our reopening plan will implement the following few new rules and practices that will be enforced until further notice. Our main priority will always be the wellbeing of our staff and students that learn at our facility.

  • Social Distancing – we have rearranged our classrooms with single occupancy desks and ensured that each table is now further apart. In addition, we are also reminding students and their families to adhere to proper social distancing measures by keeping 2 metres apart in the waiting area.

  • Reduced Classroom Sizes– Although we already offer tuition in small classes as to allow for better individualised learning, we have reduced that number further. This is helping us to ensure students can maintain a safe distance from one another during classes.
  • Hand Sanitising Stations – We now have three hand sanitising stations installed at the centre and are reminding all students, staff and their families to sanitise their hands upon arrival.
  • Enhanced Cleaning – All classroom tables, chairs and equipment are compliant with the new regulations and are easily wipeable. Staff are monitoring this by cleaning surfaces with detergent wipes between classes to reduce the spread of the virus.
  • Zero Tolerance for Symptoms – We are asking that any student showing any of the early warning signs for coronavirus (fever, cough, loss of taste or smell) refrains from attending the centre. We are ensuring that parents are aware of this.
  • Face Coverings – We have provided face coverings to all of our staff members in compliance with regulation standards and these are expected to be worn at all times at the centre. We are also kindly asking that adult family members wear their face coverings when entering the centre.  

We thank parents at home for routinely reminding their children of these new practices that help to keep our centre a safe learning environment. This includes reminding children of the importance of social distancing, proper handwashing techniques and to continue to keep a positive attitude.

We are very pleased to see our students back at Students Achieve! We have really missed the connections that we make with our students and watching them achieve their full academic potential. Our aim has been – and always will be – to inspire students and fill them with the confidence they need to develop their learning and achieve more.

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